How to Select Great Corporate Gifts for Christmas or New Year

The traditional approach – continuing to this date – is of showing love with gifts to your loved ones. Christmas is just around the corner and it would be a more difficult task for business owners to choose what gift is suitable for their clients or employees. Actually, businesses and companies have to invest a lot of money and energy to find suitable corporate gifts to show appreciation to their major clients and company employees.

The primary objective behind the corporate gifts though is to enforce your brand over them. It plays an important role in sending out the right message and is an important marketing tool.

Christmas is undoubtedly the most chosen occasion of the year after New Year when corporate world give gifts for staff and customers, but how do you choose the right Christmas corporate gifts? How will you make sure if your gift makes the right balance between marketing effort and a reward?

The festive season is an excellent opportunity to make a long-lasting impression on clients. Therefore, it is important that you choose a perfect corporate gift. Manufacturing or trading companies indulge in varieties of goods can choose leather products as gift item with their logo on it instead of choosing a product from a completely different industry.

6 Things to Review before Selecting Corporate Gifts:

First, decide which party is going to accept your gift:

Gifts for employees or

Gifts for clients

Irrespective of the occasion, whether you choose it for New Year or Christmas, there are certain guidelines and criteria which need to take care while purchasing products. These include:

  1. Uniformity

Picking up different gifts for different parties or employees is a grave mistake. It may display favoritism between employees. It doesn’t mean that it is necessary to gift same products to everyone. You can choose different products but make sure every gift look similar in terms of their value. This is why corporate gifts such as pen stands, mugs, watches, blankets etc are widely chosen gifts.

  1. Price Tag

This is the basic but most important step to review before packing gifts. Leaving the price tag intact irrespective if it is too expensive or too cheap, is a big no. The person you just gifted is smart enough to find out the value of the product by them self. It is simply against the established codes of conduct in the corporate world. It clearly takes away the positive effect you might hope your gift make on the receiver.

  1. Individual Preferences

Above, we suggested buying similar gifts for all your employees however it is opposite in a case when you have to buy gifts for the client. In case of your clients, we suggest you consult with your client’s associates, peers or even by themselves without giving the idea to find out what is it that they like most. We know that you want something much hassle free work like sending same products in bulk but such gifts usually do not make an impression.  Giving them something of their interest adds a personal touch to the gift and makes them truly happy. There is nothing better than getting a gift that is what actually about individual’s preferences. To add more personalized approach, use some good wrapping paper and some ribbons of their favorite colors. You can also add a personal message for more impact. These little things can make big impacts in pleasing the recipients of any business relationship level.

Finding and using such information about them and using it to personalize their gifts surely make them feel that they are special to you and that you really care about them.

  1. Deals

Corporate gifts usually involve a lot of purchasing and distribution work. Where buying a single item could be costly, buying a large number of stocks of same items could be a great deal for you. Thus, we suggest you to contact companies and make a deal with them to mass buy a particular item. Do the research, approach them and create a regular relationship with them so they can offer better deals every year. This way you won’t only get an excellent deal but guaranteed quality products.

  1. Usefulness

Gifts are remembered for long by people if they can be used in their daily lives. Such gifts are equally important for companies as well as their time, money and energy won’t get wasted. Gifting something useful in bulk for the entire office of your business partner is also something that creates a favorable impression about your company to the mass.

  1. Promotion

Promoting your business should be sole mission of your gifts. So, don’t let slip the opportunity to promote your business on gift items. It is basically free advertising if you can add your company logo with warm wishes on gift items. It is actually very easy to implement on gifts items such as mugs, watches, blankets etc. But it should be done with proper care. Most people do not like. Plus, it takes away the personalization factor. So it is important to realize when to a logo and when not to logo. You can keep it off when you are gifting something very expensive or gifting you clients of great value.

Promotional corporate gifts are best when your agenda is to recruit more customers. It won’t help or make sense if you gift such product to the clients with whom you already have a good business relationship. It may even have the opposite effect.

When to Give, What to Give and How to Choose Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts should be given during special occasions only; you can choose New Year or Christmas day. These two events are most suitable and widely accepted time of the year. Simply distributing gifts without any occasion could look a little suspicious as it may give the impression that you accept a client to give you something in return for your gift. So, it is best to gift only on appropriate occasions. Your gift should be the reflection of your relationship with the recipients. For example, it is advisable to choose expensive gifts for long-term clients than the clients who just connected with you. Corporate gifts are different than personal so be sure that your gift is something within the proper bounds of the business relationship.

It is also advisable if you can keep the types of gifts closer to the type of your business. It is helpful to make a mark about your company in a positive way.

Short Summary:

Whichever gift you go for, it is best to pre plan; consider a variety of options and try to personalize gift items. Keep in mind; corporate gifts are different than a common gift. They are meant to impress a client and to build stronger business relationship. So you buy something interesting and make them memorable.