Sewing with Plush Fabrics: Fleece and Minky

types of fleece and minky fabric

Fleece Sewing Basics

Plush fabrics are becoming the backbone of clothe industry. As these fabrics have the good quality according to the demand of the people. They are strong and as well as soft as a nappy. They could be use in making blanket as well as towel for babies.

There are different types of Fleece and Minky fabrics in the market. These are:

FLEECE: A knit fabric with a brushed texture. Unlike anti-pill, this fabric can pill over time from harsh wear and washing.

  • MICRO FLEECE: Fleece made from tinier fibers for a softer, stretchier, and anti-pilling.
  • ANTI-PILL FLEECE: Fleece made with a fur-like texture that reduces pilling; texture is only on the right side.
  • CUDDLE FLEECE: Behaves like a cross between minky and fleece. Soft fur-like texture on fluffy fabric.
  • MINKY: Knit fabric with a short fur texture mimicking mink fur, less stretchy than fleece.
  • TEXTURED MINKY: Still technically minky, but with longer fur. Behaves like a cross between minky and faux fur.

DIY (Do IT Yourself) – Let’s See How it is Done

  • Fabric Nap: Particularly an issue with cuddle fleece and minky. The fur-like texture of the fabric will have a direction where it lies smooth, like brushing an animal fur. place pattern pieces on the fabric so the bottom points in the direction of the nap
  • Shedding: Any fabric with a fur-like texture will shed when cut. To prevent a mess, keep your cutting are neat, a lint roller handy, and shake out pieces after you’ve cut them.
  • Cutting: Textured minky behaves a lot like faux fur. So when cutting pattern pieces, only cut one piece at a time (fur side down), through the backing of the fabric only. Take small snips to avoid cutting the fur.
  • Sewing: All fleece and minky fabrics are knits and should be sewn with a stretch needle. Many types of fleece can be especially thick. Sew with a slightly longer than average stitch length and lower your presser foot pressure if your machine has the option
  • Ironing: fleece can take medium-low heat from an iron, but ironing directly on fur-like fabrics can crush the texture. So be careful while ironing the fleece and minky.

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