About Spiral Muse

Spiral Muse isn’t just other blog name. We wanted it to be special and to follow that path we had to name it something unique. I love reading mythological stories and it always fantasies me to know more about the truth behind and so about the different depictions of god and goddesses in ancient history. One such figure that comes into my mind is the nine daughters of the Zeus “The Muses”.

If you haven’t heard before, the Muses were the Greek goddesses of literature, science and the arts. According to Hesiod, they were the protectors and symbols of the arts they were linked with:

Calliope (epic poetry),

Clio (history – scroll),

Euterpe (lyric poetry),

Thalia (comedy and comic),

Melpomene (tragedy),

Terpsichore (dance),

Erato (love poetry),

Polyhymnia (sacred poetry)

Urania (astronomy – globe and compass)

Spiral represents exactly how the world around us keeps evolving. Sometimes we see a continuous progress and sometimes have to face drastic consequences. Our aim is to reach bigger audience who want to know, read, listen and analyse the progressive world around them.

The team behind “Spiral Muse” is blogging experts who have been doing it as their full time job and passion for more than half n decade. We hope you love our efforts and give us your valuable time to evolve further.  If you have suggestion or enquiry you can contact us from the contact form page.